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Rex Blackened Salmon on salad


A quick and easy dinner on a busy night.  You can make it healthy with a spring salad and a light dressing or indulgent with a Caesar salad.

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Rex Cajun Chicken Pot Pie

Rex Cajun chicken pot pie.

A great dish on a cold winter night, just enough heat in the spices to warm it up.  Kids love it as well.  My 9 year old daughter  who does not like spicy food loved it.

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Rex Sweet Cajun Beer Can Chicken


Wow, what a moist and wonderfully seasoned chicken this will make.

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Rex Shrimp and Sausage Boil


Use 1 lb package Rex Ready Mix and 2 Rex Boil in Bag 3oz .  Add 6 quarts of water can divide into two pots if needed.  Bring to boil add seasoning and boil bags.  1) add 4 lbs red potatoes cut in half or quartered boil 7 minutes, 2) add sausage and boil 5 minutes, 3) add 8 ears corn boil until potatoes are soft and can be easily pierced with a fork about 5 minutes. 4).  Add 4lbs shrimp shell on large 31-35 count cook 3 minutes until pink no need to bring back to boil.  Drain and enjoy..

Rex Creole Burger


1/2 cup mayo, 3 table spoons Rex Creole Mustard, 1 teaspoons Rex Creole Seasoning mix in bowl and set aside to use as a condiment. Use 1lb hamburger, mix with 2 teaspoons Rex Creole seasoning and then grill patties to desire doneness..  Serve on buns, and dressings (tom, pickle, onion, lettuce, cheese.) Spread sauce on buns and serve. 

Rex Sweet Cajun Wings


Cover the wings generously with Rex Sweet Cajun spice blend. Let the wings rest at room temperature while grill is heating to medium hot. Once grill reaches 350-400 degrees place wings on grill, turn over after 5 minutes. Cook wings until internal temperature reaches 165, remove and enjoy.