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In 1888, a company originally named New Orleans Import Company was established as a spice importing company. The spices were destined for the kitchens of New Orleans and the world’s most demanding chefs so the ingredients had to be special. They were selected with extra care and prepared with extra skill. This company later changed its name taking advantage of the local euphoria surrounding the arrival of the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia in New Orleans. Thus the King of Spices, Rex Fine Foods, Inc. was born.

Over the years, REX started blending its spices. We were the first to offer a fully seasoned fish fry and the first to offer crab boil. For over a century, professional chefs have trusted their recipes to the pure, natural flavors of REX. These results have made us a staple in kitchens everywhere.

Today, you will find the all-natural flavor of REX in homes and professional kitchens everywhere. Good chefs trust Rex because we’ve never deviated from our original recipe for quality. We still use only the freshest and purest ingredients. The result is a difference you can taste. We deliver the fantastic taste America wants and the value you need more than ever.

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 GONZALES, TEXAS (July 10, 2009) Adams Flavors Foods and Ingredients announced today that it has completed the sale of REX Fine Foods to AFG Unlimited, a privately held Texas based company. 

 AFG Unlimited decision to purchase REX Fine Foods is a reflection of their commitment to growing and supporting regional brand specialty spices, seasonings and related products.  “AFG Unlimited with its regional sales and marketing network and expertise will be great caretakers of this important iconic American brand,” says Sterling Crim, Chief Marketing Officer of Adams Flavors Foods & Ingredients.

 “We are very pleased to have REX Fine Foods as a strong part of our line of consumer brands,” said Jenni Ratliff, President and CEO of AFG Unlimited.  “We believe in maintaining and growing the presence of strong regional brands like REX Fine Foods.”

 “We hope to grow REX’s loyal following by focusing on our relationships in New Orleans and surrounding areas,” says Gene Ratliff, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive VP of AFG Unlimited.  “We plan to capitalize on the market share REX has built in Louisiana and expand the brand starting with personalized marketing support to existing customers.  This will enable us to bolster our market share and expand the brand into the entire southern region of the U.S.”

 AFG will continue to work closely with Adams to insure a smooth transition and maintain a high quality product for its customers.

 REX Fine Foods has been making and selling authentic Cajun and Creole spices, seasonings and foods since 1888 . Originally named New Orleans Import Company, its spices were sold to the kitchens and restaurants of the world’s most demanding chefs in New Orleans and surrounding areas. The company later changed its name to REX Fine Foods “King of Spices” taking advantage of the local euphoria surrounding the arrival of the Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff of Russia in New Orleans. Over the years, REX began its legacy of innovation by blending its spices to meet its local Cajun and Creole culinary needs and was one of the first in the nation to offer a fully seasoned fish fry and crab boil. REX was purchased by Adams Extract & Spice in 1999.   

 AFG Unlimited LLC is a private Texas based company focused on developing and expanding specialty niche spices, seasoning and related products throughout the regional southern United States.

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